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Process for Booking A National Act

The process of booking any national headline act is complicated, therefore many national agencies only work with seasoned talent buyers. Even among professionals, they can be dismissive or rude to clients that are

unfamiliar with the standard procedures. We don't share that attitude. Our business deals with a wide range of clients, from veteran producers to first time wedding planners. We're accustom to working with people at their level of experience, and helping less experienced talent buyers understand the way to accomplish their goals.

This short guide is meant to give a quick outline to ensure the process runs smooth and no steps are skipped or mishandled. Although we prepared it for younger talent buyers, I'm sure even the veterans can agree, this is useful reference to use as a check list when booking a national act

  1. We receive a request from a client for various acts

  2. We research the acts, call managers, check availabilities, routing and prices (includes travel, rooms, production and hospitality as per the artists riders)

  3. We report our findings to the client and talk about the reality of booking the acts that the client has requested. This usually scales the acts down to 1, 2 or 3 options.

  4. We request complete riders from the artists

  5. We consider the venue that the client has suggested and check the feasibility of producing the act in the venue. Some acts require extensive production, staging, lighting, etc. which eliminates them from feasibility.

  6. We create an” offer" letter and submit it to the client for their signature. The offer letter includes the venue name, date, performance schedule, flight and ground travel requirements, price, accommodations, etc. In addition, we submit a feasibility study that informs the acts as to what they can reasonably expect to receive for production based on the space where the event is to be held. The client reads through this offer, signs it and faxes it back to our company. To insure that the client is committed to the artist, we require a 10% good faith deposit be wired to our client trust account along with the offer letter.

  7. If the offer is accepted, the deposit is applied to the deposit. If the offer is rejected, the deposit is returned to the promoter immediately

  8. This offer letter is then sent to the artist’s manager for their consideration.


  10. Upon acceptance of the offer by the artist, a 50% total deposit is required to bind the act within 10 days of acceptance

  11. We receive the wire transfer into our client trust account and send deposits off to the artist’s agents or managers, etc.

  12. Contracts are drawn up and submitted for signature


  1. We walk through the venue and get a final-final on the production that can be accommodated in the venue.

  2. We contract stage, sound, lighting, back line, security, generators/power, dressing room areas, hospitality & catering, etc.

  3. We book their air fares, arrange for limos and ground transportation, accommodations, etc.

  4. We set up the production on the day of the event, do the sound check and produce the entertainment portion of the event.

NOTE: The artist’s fees must be paid 5 days prior to their appearance by cashier's check! This allows us time to secure payment to the artist either in cash, wire transfer or cashier's check.

I hope that this helps to explain the various steps needed to provide and produce nationally known entertainment for a corporate or social event.

One important thing to remember: Often times the client feels that the fees that the artist is receiving are extraordinary and the artist should be obligated to the promoter. The reality is that the artist has a career that he considers to be his most important goal. Generally, the artists have more than enough money generated from their recordings and their concerts and they do not need the corporate or social dollar. They do this as part of their commitment to their fan base and because they love to perform.

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