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Camera Direction Glossary

It's been a while since we added to the Production Glossary. Since we've been doing a lot more camera work than we typically do, it's appropriate that this vocabulary update is focused on Camera. Comment below if we missed any common terms. We'd love your feedback.

Camera Operator Direction

Ready Next camera to be cut (live) to program out

Standby Next camera to be dissolved (live) to program out

Take/Cut Ready camera is quickly cut to program out (eg. Cut 1)

Dissolve/Mix Standby camera is slowly dissolved to program out (eg. Dissolve 2)

Camera Movements

Hold ​Stop camera movement (hold current shot)

Reset Return to previous position (starting point)

Start Begin prescribed movement (eg. start push)

Pan Right Move camera lens right

Pan Left Move camera lens left

Tilt Up Move camera lens up

Tilt Down Move camera lens down

Zoom In Tighten camera framing

Zoom Out Loosen camera framing

Tighten Up ​Zoom in slightly to tighten camera framing

Loosen Up Zoom out slightly to loosen camera framing

Push In Zoom in slowly on subject

Pull Out ​Zoom out slowly from subject

Push [Subject] Right Slowly move subject to right side/edge of frame

Push [Subject] Left Slowly move subject to left side/edge of frame

Push [Subject] Center Slowly move subject to center of frame

Lose [Subject] Right ​Slowly lose subject off right side/edge of frame

Lose [Subject] Left Slowly lose subject off left side/edge of frame

Reveal [Subject] Right Slowly reveal subject on the right side/edge of frame

Reveal [Subject] Left Slowly reveal subject on the left side/edge of frame

Static Shot A non-moving/still shot


Full Wide Zoom out as wide as possible

Stage Wide Zoom out to frame complete stage

Head To Toe Framing of subject from head to toe

Knees Up Framing of subject from just below the knees to top of head

Inseam Up Framing of subject from just below the inseam to top of head

Waist Up Framing of subject from just below belt or waistline to top of head

Elbows Up Framing of subject from just below the elbows to top of head

Bust Shot Framing of subject from just below the shoulders to the top of head

Head Shot Framing of subject from just above the shoulders to top of head

1-Shot Framing of one subject (typically from the waist up)

2-Shot Framing of two subjects

3-Shot Framing of three subjects

Frame [Subject] Left Framing of subject in the left side of screen

Frame [Subject] Right Framing of subject in the right side of screen

Center Up Framing of subject in the center of screen

Establishing Shot Geography, environment, landscape or structure, etc to establish location

Camera Mechanisms

Sticks / Tripod Used for static shots and simple pans and tilts

Slider Shot Slide camera on a vertical or horizontal axis

Handheld Shot Held by operator, no mechanical stabilization

Steadicam Shot Camera stabilizing device that attaches to the camera operator

Gimbal Shot Device that use motorized gyroscopes to reduce friction that fits in small spaces

Crane Shot Robotic arm used to sweep up and over a scene

Jib Shot Manually-controlled arm, similar to Crane, but with limited range and movement

Drone Shot Camera mounted to a drone and controlled by RF

Wire Shot Camera rides on a cable or wire for deliberate, smooth move

Miscellaneous Terms

Check Focus Image is out of focus and needs to be sharpened up

Check Iris [Dark/Hot] Image is either too dark or too bright (adjust f-stop/iris)

Headroom [More/Less] Framing above the subjects head (too little or too great)

Lead-Room Open space in front of subject (when facing/walking left or right)

Rack Focus Change in focal point from one subject to another or to roll out of focus

Snap Zoom Quick zoom in & out on subject (by manual control of focal ring)

Preview Camera which is next (ready/standing by) to go live

Program/Program Out Camera which is live

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