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Interactive Virtual Stage Experiences

It showcases our Virtual Cocktail Hour, an interactive stage experience segment for employee or customer engagement programs and compatible with your choice of streaming platform

Just as Impactful & Engaging

You’re familiar with The Alter Ego Experience’s impact on clients and audiences around the world, but today our event producers are faced with never-before-seen challenges and program requirements evolved around regulatory compliance.  Virtual Messaging and Virtual Communication are among the new buzz words describing the techniques being used to encourage and incentivize remote employees, keeping them motivated, enthusiastic and engaged.  Alter Ego once more raises the bar by producing dynamic and scalable, interactive virtual performance segments that can be sewn into your Virtual and Hybrid events.


Customizable, Interactive & Scalable

Every Interactive Stage Experience segment is produced from Alter Ego’s multi-camera broadcast studio from a 40-ft concert stage, featuring stunning lighting effects, LED walls & pyrotechnics. Segments may be produced live or prerecorded, with a variety of visual branding options and even optional on-ground sponsorship opportunities.


Interactive Virtual Stage Experience

Here are some of the ways your client’s audience can be encouraged to engage.  Use a combination of these live streaming Interactive Virtual Segments to create a customized experience:

  • Interact with the band as they reinforce the event message and encourage participation.

  • Experience the action backstage and tour the quick change area

  • Participate in virtual meet & greet with the band and take part in a photo op

  • Choose for the band create a personalized song for the audience to sing along to

  • Invite the audience to learn the choreography and dance along during the set

  • Reward and recognize key stakeholders and send up to sit in and perform with the band

  • Integrate the message or highlight your speakers into the performance

  • Make smooth transitions by allowing our host to introduce and add flair to speaker walk-up

We’d love to schedule a call or zoom meeting to better understand your needs and your client’s goals. Please click the link below to schedule a time to chat at your convenience.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact me directly at 415 595-4515 or email me at

Please Note our New Company information below!


Gig Xifaras - CEO

An Event Company LLC

2 Dwight Road | Burlingame, CA 94010

650 595-4515 [office] | 650 222-8565 [cell]

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