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COVID-19 Policy & Best Practices for Live & Hybrid Events

AEC supports the worldwide effort to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protect our friends and colleagues in the Event Industry.  As we all continue to learn more about the virus, we're actively shaping our policies and protocols as we go. 

  • Illness/Symptom Reporting & Documentation. Performers, crewmembers and staff are required to stay home if they are ill or experience any flu-like symptoms and required to report their condition.  Any quarantined personnel may not return to a job site until:

    • The appropriate isolation / quarantine period has ended; or

    • Written documentation confirming they have tested negative for COVID-19

  • Carpooling & Transportation:  AEC encourages performers and crew to arrange for transportation that limits their exposure to other people.  We discourage performers from carpooling to and from job-sites to prevent unnecessary contact and exposure.

  • Equipment and Gear Sharing:  Performers and crew shall agree to provide or make arrangements for any required gear and equipment for their sole use only. 

    • Performers and crew agree not to share or lend/borrow musical instruments, sound equipment, microphones, costumes, equipment, tools or documentation to avoid the increased risk of spread.

    • Any gear or equipment stored backstage or in boneyards, storage spaces, breakout rooms, kitchens or other shared spaces must be stored separately from gear or equipment stored by other performers, crew or third-party vendors.

  • Performance Areas Space & Access:  Client’s shall provide a performance area adequate for all performers to set up their equipment, gear or sound reinforcement no closer than 6 feet from any other vendors, performers, crew or guests.

    • During setup or strike, there shall be no more than 1 person at one time in small confined spaces such as electrical rooms, storage closets, family restrooms.

    • Staging areas such as Stage Wings, Backstage and Orchestra Pit shall be kept clear of all personnel and guests to allow for safe egress and regress.

  • Green Rooms, Dressing Rooms and Crew Areas:  Performer and Crew Areas shall be large enough for all persons in the area to space themselves adequately according to current social distancing guidance.  All such performer and crew areas shall also be stocked with:

    • Clean, disposable masks

    • Hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol; and

    • Surface disinfectants approved by the EPA for disinfectants for use against COVID-19.

  • Craft Services & Crew/Performer Meals:  Clients are encouraged to exercise meal buyouts for performances to help prevent unnecessary exposure and congregation in crew areas.  Clients may provide meals that are:

    • Individually packaged or plated entrees, with individually wrapped utensils  and sealed to prevent contamination.  Sandwich and Vegetable Platters and Buffet meals shall not be served:

    • Bottled Water

    • Bottled or Canned Beverages

    • Individually Wrapped Snacks

  • Performance Cancellations: In the event a performer or crewperson arrives at a job-site presenting flu-like symptoms, they shall be sent home immediately, and may not be compensated for the performance.  In the event a client is required to cancel the performance for Covid-related reasons, AEC’s existing cancellation policy shall be enforced.  For complete description, please see our complete Terms & Conditions at

  • Personal Protective Equipment: All Entertainers and Staff are required to wear adequate PPE, as required by their scope of work or contact with guests or other vendors. In addition to approved facial coverings or masks, some roles may require non-permeable gloves, sanitizers, eye protection, etc. Failure to arrive at a job site properly prepared and equiped shall result in expulsion from the job site until such time as that person can return adeuately equiped and ready to perform the required scope of work, subject to AEC's prior authorization.

  • Performances & Breaks: Entertainers or crew that engage in rigorous physical activity (singing, dancing, acrobatics, running, heavy lifting, etc) or required to work in confirned spaces or wear heavy costumes as part of performance or scope of work may require more frequent or longer duration breakperiods when wearing a mask or other face covering.  To avoid exposing performers or crew to additional risk some performances may also be subject to additional modification or shorter performance duration time.  All modifications are subject to AEC's approval.

  • Allowable Specialty Performers (Non-Direct-Contact):  AEC shall continue booking performers that do not have direct physical contact with guests or event attendees.  Some exceptions may require additional precaution and some exclusions may apply.  Approved speciality performers include:

    • Polynesian/Hula/Fire Dancers

    • Dragon Dancers

    • Photo Booths

    • Balloon Artists

    • Fortune Tellers (Tarot Cards)

    • Walk-around Impersonators

    • Stilt-Walkers

    • Jugglers

    • Cigar Rollers

    • Contortionists

    • Aerial Acrobats

    • Chalk Artists

    • Candy/Cigar Girls

    • Magicians

  • Suspended Specialty Performers (Direct-Contact):  AEC temporarily suspends booking any performers that require direct physical contact with guests or event attendees until further notice.  These performers include speciality performers whose traditional performance includes activities or behaviors inconsistent with CDC Guidance for Events and Gatherings.  Suspended specialty performers include:

    • Face Painters

    • Body Painters

    • Henna Artists

    • Mobile Petting Zoos

We are grateful to all our clients, performers, crew and staff that continue to support live and virtual events.  This is a challenging time, but together we will all get through it and we’ll be a stronger community as a result.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact Gig Xifaras at 415 595-4515 or email at

Important Notice:  AEC’s policies and best practices, as described in our AEC Covid-19 Guidance and Terms & Conditions, are meant to address industry-specific conditions, situations and considerations to augment the CDC’s Considerations for Events & Gatherings and existing state and county health official guidance.  AEC policy shall not replace or modify existing laws or health department guidance. 

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