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Mëtal Strëet Böyz




Northern California


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Mëtal Strëet Böyz


Who doesn’t love the guilty pleasures of 80’s Hard Rock and Hair Metal? When it’s done right, the big riffs, flashy looks, and sing-along anthems by bands like Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Poison have a time-tested appeal that will get any audience pumping their fists and flexing their air guitar skills. But let’s face it, guys might be good with rocking out all night, but sometimes girls wanna dance! And no one knows that better than the team that brought you the legendary bands Tainted Love and Mustache Harbor. So we created Mëtal Strëet Böyz – a top notch recreation of the sights and sounds of 80’s hard rock excess – that sneaks in the big riffs, flashy looks, sing-along anthems and danceable beats from another era – the Boy Bands and Pop Divas of the 90’s! Mëtal Strëet Böyz will have your audience grooving along on a seamless ride as they break down the barrier between Britney and Ozzy, InSync and AC/DC, with top notch sound and lighting production. The result is a “candy fist inside a leather glove” that has surprised and delighted audiences in clubs and at private events for 2 years – and is sure to be a huge hit at your event.


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