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Modding (kitserver) Rar: Konami Kitserver.Q: Please make it clear that we can create multiple repositories in a single project Currently the most useful part of SO is this: Questions that are too open-ended (what have you tried?), or have no context (what's the exact problem you're having?) are not a good fit for our site. Try to be specific I've already discussed this a bit with Bryan but this is still not clear. For example, I have a project where I would like to have the "code review" part of my project to be open source, while the "developer" side is closed source (with source available via license). Is this reasonable, or should I just have 2 repositories? A: I'm not sure if it's possible, but it's certainly feasible. As noted in our documentation: Although we’re a Stack Overflow site, we do still want questions to be high-quality. That said, there are sometimes questions that are popular and too broad to be answered well by a Q&A site, and can be better addressed through a discussion forum. The idea is that a discussion forum is better suited for certain topics or problems. As Bryan suggested, you could have a Q&A forum and a discussion forum. The reality is that Stack Overflow is going to drive your traffic to your site, and if the majority of your traffic comes from there, then it won't really matter how your site is organized, and you'll probably want to focus on that. The only other way to do this would be to have a single site with a redirect to the Q&A and a forum, with the login being specific to each section. That would be a bit of a pain, but it's an option. This study is designed to assess the feasibility of developing a protein delivery system, for therapeutic use, by in situ (solution) production, entrapment, and implantation of protein in hard tissues. Such a delivery system would take advantage of the close proximity of the protein to the site of delivery, thus facilitating delivery and minimizing the need for systemic administration of the therapeutic protein. Protein delivery systems should have at least two major functions: (1) control release of the therapeutic protein from the delivery system and (2) structural